Put Your Feet Up

men... (2004-09-13)

So...here is ANOTHER quote someone has said to me, anout me...and I don't know how to take this one.

"Maggie,[don't you know that]everytime you get near someone, you cause them to go through life changing experiences."


Is this a good thing or a bad thing. So far, I think it's a bad thing. Every time I get near someone, I always ALWAYS get drama. I'm cursed with being part of it. What the fuck...I mean SURE, drama gives me things to talk about.....but after awhile, it gets on your fucking nerves. Not just any old nerves, but the ones that are fucking! Now you can't even get a good dose of sanity because every part of your brain is going "WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED NOW."

With this said...Zusana (some chick I've never met)thinks I'm cheating on her boyfriend (whom I've just became friends with) because we went shopping, lunch-ing, shopping, starbucks-ing, diiner-ing and carnival-ing. Fucking whore. NO. Freinds don't do friends for the fuck of it

Well some friends do...

but not me. Cause like, blah.

Then this thing with Josh happened, then this OTHER thing with my dad happened, and now my brain is going "What the hell did Christopher mean when..."

why does all my drama occur when men are around? Honestly, this is a good question. No woman can cause this much havoc in one girl's life.

..well I take that back.

Many women can. :)

Sure men have a contest to see who has the bigger dick, but must they compete to BE the biggest dick? Le sigh.

That's it...for now. Onwards to bed and chem and blah. and stuff.

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